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​Infant 1 | Comfort, Safety & Happiness

6 weeks - 12 months

We believe that babies from birth to 12 months of age need security most of all. Young infants thrive on the warmth and love that comes from a close relationship with a caregiver. Feelings of safety and security influence the baby’s inclination to explore and grow. 

Infant 2 | Wonder, Discovery & Growth

12 months - 18 months

We believe that exploration takes center stage as the infant becomes more mobile. Our caregivers provide trustworthy support and encouragement to mobile infants by making eye contact with them, talking, and gesturing to them. Under our warm and watchful eye, mobile infants will develop feelings of confidence and competence. We understand that at this stage infants practice independence, but very much need trusted adults as a secure support base.

Toddler 1 | On the Move

18 months - 27 months

Toddlers are curious about their surroundings and love to explore. Our toddler rooms are designed to support their curiosity and give them the freedom to discover and learn. Consistency and familiar settings are important concepts to toddlers, so we offer a predictable sequence for the day to help children feel secure while adapting our schedule and activities to meet individual needs and interests. We offer repetitive play, allowing children to master skills at their own pace.

Toddler 2 | Ready to Explore

27 months - 36 months

We believe routine tasks such as eating, diapering, toileting, and dressing are important opportunities to help toddlers learn about their world, acquire skills, regulate their behavior, and develop self-esteem. Knowing toddlers are exploring their freedom and boundaries, we set clear, consistent limits. We use positive guidance techniques to guide children towards appropriate behavior.

Pre-k 3 | Community of Learning

We ensure that our classroom functions as a caring community. We help our children learn to establish positive, constructive relationships with adults and other children. We support children’s friendships and provide opportunities for children to learn from each other as well as from adults. We use a social-emotional program called P.A.T.H.S to really put an emphasis on all feelings and how to handle them individually. 

Pre-k 4 | Kindergarten Bound

The importance of a strong, academic foundation is paramount for young children. Your child will be learning many skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten. Our goal is for each child to be confident and eager to join in a structured kindergarten classroom setting. To prepare children for kindergarten, our teachers use different research-based teaching strategies. The Creative Curriculum and NYS Early Learning guidelines are just some of the tools teachers implement in the classroom. 

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